We all like to be scared during the month of October (well, some of us); flocking to haunted attractions and telling ghost stories. Below are a few creepy monsters and their stories to give you jump start!

The Wendigo

A creature from Native American Mythology. The Wendigo is a human turned cannibalistic monster whose taste for flesh is never satisfied. Some say the Wendigo is just another version of Bigfoot.

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Animal Planet’s “Lost Tapes” episode on The Wendigo



There have been several sightings of bigfoot in Maryland.

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Listen to the Dogman Encounters Radio Podcast below for some spooky encounter stories.


The Dwayyo is Maryland’s Dogman described by many as a long haired, two-legged creature about the size of a deer with pointy ears. The link below contains an article about the Dwayyo and some reported sightings in Maryland. OoOoooO! Spooky!


If you have a scary story and would like to share a spooky encounter you’ve had, complete the form below! Happy October everyone!