This awesome indie band was discovered by many when their cover video of the Game of Thrones theme made it’s rounds on Facebook.


How did you get started?

“Ebb & Nova started in 2014 with me (Lauren Padgett) and Matthew Purpora. We had been friends for years, both pursuing our musical interests individually, but finally came to our senses and starting collaborating and writing and playing music together. We performed locally for about a year before Steven Bainbridge started accompanying us on the cello. As a trio, we started attracting a bigger audience and playing more and more shows. It wasn’t until this past month that the three of us decided to expand our sound even more with the addition of Pat Brynes on percussion!”

What do you love most about what you do as a band?

“What I love most about what we do is how much fun we all have doing it! Whether it be practicing or performing, it’s literally non-stop laughter and good times when we are together. We hope to share those same good vibes and excitement with others through our music.”

What is your creative process for making a song?

“As far as writing music – usually Matthew brings me some awesome guitar piece he came up with and I will sit down and make a melody and add some words. Everyone basically writes their own parts to the songs and we all give each other feedback and alter things until it sounds the way we want it to. Really, the songs are always evolving – especially since we just added drums!”

What are some of your inspirations?

“My family has always been a huge inspiration to me by encouraging artistic expression and creativity. As far musical inspirations, I’ve always admired Ben Gibbard of Death Cab, Conner Oberst of Bright Eyes and Emma Louise, a very talent female vocalist. I am also majorly inspired by my own personal experiences like traveling and the relationships made with people along the way.”


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